Symposium - 2D and 3D Documentation and Visualisation of Performing Arts, Folklore and Rituals through the example of: DANCE

The international symposium ICH+I: Focus Dance, on the documentation and visualisation of the cultural heritage of dance took place, in the connection with the EU projects ITN-DCH.

The preservation of both our immaterial and material cultural heritage is a central task of the 21st century, which we can only face together. 

The German Dance Association (DTD) and the Initial Training Network for Digital Cultural Heritage, together with partners from Germany and various European projects and networks, have organised a three-day symposium, which will present and discuss research on documentation and visualisation techniques and their application in immaterial cultural heritage. In the centre point were the various forms of expression of dance.

The symposium Intangible Cultural Heritage and Innovation: 2D and 3D Documentation and Visualisation of Performing Arts, Folklore and Rituals through the example of: DANCE, which took place from 16th – 18th November in the art centre Kunstquartier Bethanien, provided a room for discussion for this topic.

In the foreground of the event, initiated by the German Dance Association and one of its’ several partners, the Association of German Dance Archives, was the analysis of documentation and visualisation techniques for presenting dance. The symposium placed an emphasis on technical achievements in the field of the digitalisation of immaterial cultural heritage and the application of these technologies for artistic processes, forms and languages into question.

Over 120 participants with diverse artistic and research backgrounds investigated and debated the possibilities for the preservation and presentation of dance heritage through a dual structure of discussion rounds and practical laboratories.

The symposium was organised by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and Intial Training Network for Digital Cultural Heritage. Partners include the International Theatre Institute Centre Germany, the Mime Centre Berlin, the Institute for Museum Research, the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, 4D-Ch World, i-Treasures, DARIAH-EU, DARIAH-CY, Digital Heritage Research Laboratory (Cyprus University of Technology) and the Association of German Dance Archives. Sponsored by: the Federal Commissioners for Culture and Media.