Digital Atlas Dance

Digital Atlas Dance (DAT), initiated by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (Tanzplan) and continued by the AdK, serves as a showcase for documents and information about dance. The aim of this project is to transmit dance knowledge, initiate the cooperation between dance archives and collections, digitally catalogue documents and films about the history of dance, as well as to promote current documentation work in the area of dance. The Digital Atlas Dance wants to reach those among the public who are interested in dance as well as to serve as a tool for experts in the field.

The DAT provides information about personalities, works and the history of dance in Germany since 1900 through online-accessible documents – including film recordings, photographs, publications, sketches. It is considered as having entered the desired web-based information and knowledge network which will exist between the collections in future, which seek to preserve and document dance within and outside of Germany, above all the five archives.

Libraries, museums, private collectors and archives have access to a broad range of artefacts with the most varied sources and references to dance in the 20th century. It is the aim of the Digital Atlas Dance to make these as visible as possible. Until such a platform can become reality, the Digital Atlas Dance provides a selection to view, which will be gradually expanded.

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