Mime Centrum Berlin (MCB)

The Mime Centrum Berlin (MCB) was founded in 1990 and is a centre for works, information and documentation, with the focus of developing a public media library, maintaining an international exchange through workshops, lectures and discussions, as well as documenting selected performances with the thematic emphasis of contemporary dance and theatre. Research projects of MCB Theaterresearch at the interface between practice and reflection will be made public through performances, video productions and publications, and often lead to international collaborations (ITIS Moskau, Moving Academy for Performing Arts, Nederlands Theater Institut, Alfred ve dvore Theater Prag among others). The funding organisation for the Mime Centrum is the German centre for International Theatre Institute (ITI). The collection of the media library contains unique video productions of artists, companies, festivals, theatre schools and education centres and offers a great wealth of information and contacts relating to dance. Among the most important artefacts of the MBC are recordings of contemporary dance performances from choreographers such as Jochen Roller, Thomas Lehmen, Xavier Le Roy, Christoph Winkler and Laurent Chetouane. The artefacts of the media library include roughly 7000 audio-visual materials (DVDs, VHS, DV Cam among others), with a total length of about 180,000 minutes. The collection is indexed in a MySQL database with about 6,300 entries.

Selected items / collection items / legacies

  • Sammlung Videodokumentation Tanz 1993-2013, AV-Medien
  • Sammlung Sophiensaele, AV-Medien
  • Sammlung Tanz im August, AV-Medien
  • Sammlung Tanzwerkstatt, AV-Medien
  • Sammlung Meyerholds Biomechanik
  • Sammlung Nonverbales Theater in Ost-Berlin
  • Sammlung Physisches Theater
  • Sammlung Kulturelle Bildung, AV-Medien
  • Sammlung Festival Music Theatre Now, AV-Medien